Get ready to have the skin you’ve always wanted!

Opu will analyze your skin, track your progress and connect you to the right products and specialists.


1. Upload Photo

To begin, upload a photo of your face. See the guide above for what NOT to do. DON’T zoom in or out, or take your photo in poor lighting conditions such as shadow or reflections. Also avoid smiling or tilting your head to the side. Remove your glasses and keep your hair back.

2. Crop

Hover over the image and CLICK the pencil icon. DRAG the corners of the highlighted box to frame your face from forehead to chin.

3. Hit “Send – Process”

Click 'Send - Process' below image to get results.

4. Get your personalised analysis

common.See what your skin analysis is. Create an account to fulfill all your skincare needs.

Tip: Below is a quick explanation of common mistakes made by users when adding a photo for analysis.
Follow the steps found to the right of the upload section and you will get your very own Skin Analysis!


Opu is analyzing your skin...